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The sales Tracker application is developed to improve productivity of sales people and organize their data. It is targeted for Sales People on road or inside sales to be able to follow up on inquiries, set appointments, record sales, and reporting to sales manager. The easy import from Excel makes it very easy to load the contacts and export allows you to keep back up for yourself. Appointment reminders are very handy to get reminded about upcoming appointments. It is a very easy to use tool to improve your productivity and save time. Keep data organized and at your finger tips always.

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Product Details

Inquiry Management

Add Inquiries easily, Import inquiries from Excel/CSV Call from the list directly, Send SMSes from the inquiry list directly.

Appointment Management

Know your appointments for a given day, Set Appointments for a specific day, Change appointments, Manage appointment status.

Sales Management

Record sales of products, Provide discount, Send SMS on sale to the client

Daily Sales Report

Find out your sales on a given date.

Weekly Reports

Find out sales for a week. Select your date range and get the sales details.

Monthly Reports

With a click find out the sales for a given month.

Product wise Sales Report

Know which products are moving for a given period Easily know the sales product wise during a given period

Send SMS/Email to prospects

Easily send SMS or Email to your prospects with a click

Backup/Restore Data

Back up and restore your data so its safe./csv

SMS/Email reports with a click

No need to build reports for daily, weekly or monthly submissions. You can directly submit reports via SMS or email with a click.

Easy Import Export data from Excel/CSV

Easy interoperability with Excel/CSV. Import inquiries and product data easily.

Call Logs

Know when you are able to make the contacts with clients, your productive time, Know how many ave- rage calls are required to make the sale, Use call data effectively to improve sales

Backup through email and SDcard

Send yourself data backup on your email ID or save it on SD card.

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